Welcome to the History of the Mongols a new podcast about the greatest land empire ever created.The story of the Mongol empire is incredible. In a little over 60 years the armies led by Genghis Khan and his descendants conquered an empire that stretched from Poland to Korea and from Siberia to Vietnam. They destroyed ancient kingdoms and created new dynasties.

In this weekly podcast we’ll tell the story of rise and fall of this unique empire.

Some interesting facts about the empire.

  • The Mongol Empire was six times the size of the Roman Empire
  • At its peak it made up more than 20% of the world’s total land
  • In 1270 a quarter of the world’s population were under Mongol rule
  • In March 1242, news of the death of Ögödei Khan travelled from the Mongol homeland to Budapest, some 4,000 miles away in 40 days thanks to the Mongol post relay
  • The Mongol empire allowed complete religious freedom to all inhabitants
  • The last ruler to claim direct descent from Genghis Khan was the Emir of Bukhara who was deposed in 1920


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